August 30, 2017


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In oktober start kunstenares Liset Van Dommelen met 6 dagen stilte. Gebaseerd op het sprookje ‘De zes zwanen’ van de gebroeders Grimm, zal zij zes volledige dagen niets zeggen en zich volledig inleven in het sprookje. Dit om de uitgangspunten

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Oh how I love Banksy! Ik denk dat we hem allemaal wel kennen, de mysterieuze Banksy. Een pracht van een man, ook al ken ik hem niet persoonlijk. Het feit dat deze man zo rebels de maatschappij benadert, geeft me

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April 8, 2015

My Baby!

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You might know this artist already. His name is Seth Casteel, a photographer based in NY and LA who is a pro at capturing underwater photos of dogs and puppies. I saw his work the first time on Art Miami

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April 6, 2015

Music & Art

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I sometimes wonder, what is it with music, fashion and art? They have a thing going on, I am sure of that. All artistic professions cross each other sooner or later, it just has to do with the mindset I

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January 19, 2015

See what I see

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Today I want to trigger your Artyfarty side and ask you to look at this artpiece and tell me what you see. Tell me what you feel. And most importantly,…please let me know what kind of emotions it stimulates! This artist is

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Always wondering why I could not find an artist who was creating art with shoes! But the Dutch designer John Breed created this leggy and shoe installation for Breuninger’s shoe salon in Stuttgart, Germany. Now you could think that these legs are

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