My name is Rebel, Pink Rebel.

I know… a classic rip-off of the James Bond intro.  I choose to use it however, as I come from a cinematic family; so think of it what you will.

 Before you delve any further into my blog it is important to know that both content and images may be considered shocking. My writing may be confronting and often edgy.  I will be sharing everything, and I mean EVERYTHING! It’s not just about day-to-day life, but also about sex, drugs & rock ‘n roll!

On my blog I’ll be talking about everything, no holds barred.  Long live the internet I say!  No one can tell me what I can say or do.  No rules, just fun!

As a child I’ve always enjoyed colouring outside the lines so if you’re curious to find out more and are not of the fainthearted variety I say: welcome to the Pink Rebel playground!