Since there was so much reaction on my article on recovering from a seviour depression I decided to write some other aspects about this illness.  I am free from the medication now for nearly a year now, but the recovery was

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May 10, 2018

Free hugssss!!!

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  Met alle miserabele dingen die de laatste tijd in de wereld gebeuren, zijn er veel mensen die het initiatief van Free Hugs hebben gebruikt. Why? Omdat je je instant beter voelt! Verdrietig, kwaad, moe…just give someone a hug baby!

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November 17, 2016


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Sometimes you have to know when to stop and I mean this quite figuratively. If you do not stop for a red light, you get a big fine (and I know, because I am the main sponsor of the police).

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As we walk & talk we are all conscious of our behavior and we all wear masks to cover our vulnerability. We are taught by manners and by experiences that is more secure to ‘hide’ ourselves from the world. The

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June 15, 2015

Burn it!

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Giving you something to think about and kind of an excuse vlog to say ‘sorry’ for not vlogging fo a while. But as you know the writing continues and I will make time to vlog some more as I know

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As you might know I have been fighting against my depression for over a year now and it is been the toughest ride in my life! Not only the battle against this monster, but also the side effects of the

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