Is het toeval of goddelijke interventie? Mensen, gebeurtenissen, situaties verrijken en verblijden mij. Mijn reis naar Frankrijk was een werk-vakantie, driftig schrijven aan mijn boek en aan mijn dito businessplan voor Pink Rebel Company, coaching op afstand en boeiende ontmoetingen

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The first time I heard about Grindr was trough my BFF-gay friend. WTF! Without asking I just took over his phone and started ‘grinding’! Hell, I even managed his ‘grindr’ in Belgium for him. While working as his ‘manager’ I

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Lots of my dear friends live in the Netherlands and most of them found there hotspot in Amsterdam. Although I feel that being in Amsterdam gives kind of a narrow feeling but my god,…it does have its charm. It is just

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May 16, 2014

Go on a trip!

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Trip to…..Amsterdam! Drugs, sex and….or rock n roll?