WTF social media?250588_1699660741566_1539330589_31317576_4336514_n

I started developing a huge fascination with how people share only the utopian moments on social media (especially facebook). Sharing and tagging the most glorious moments. Who doesn’t share the most beautiful profile pics and the funniest lines? But are we afraid to show the real us? Do we prefer to hide behind pretty pictures? Are we distorting perception of ourselves? Are we seeking affirmation and attention when we change our relationship status to ‘it’s complicated’? Or do we just want to hurt our ex?
Really we’re all hungry for attention, be it the number of ‘likes’ (that’s me btw!) or the ‘power’ we wield over others when we choose how we distribute our attentions. The success of reality show ‘Big Brother’ pales in comparison. But to be fair, I’ve been a ‘facebook fan avant la lettre’ (and that’s pretty much the extent of my French).