If I had to name one thing that will shut me up, drive me wild and keep me enthralled all at the same time, then it has to be art!  Hungry, thirsty, never sated I scour fairs, exhibitions and galleries around the world and the hunger for more is never stilled.  Why not make art myself?  I would if I could!  I’ve tried, but ended up burning or destroying everything I ever painted.  It was AWFUL! But click here to find the erotic pictures I take.  What a joy to be involved in art!


The artistic photographer Miles Aldridge fascinates me.  His t-shirt collection is commercial certainly, but he is a fashion photographer.  Personally I think this collection is much more rock ‘n roll, more Rebel.  But you will have to be patient, because the t-shirts will be released in May 2014!


I am mad about the Belgian photographer Kurt Stallaert*. His ‘moving stills’ are intriguing, challenge you and even confuse.  I’ll be working on a few projects with him so keep an eye out for us as we’re a naughty duo with some dastardly plans in art.