Pink Rebel


My name is Rebel, Pink Rebel.
I know… a classic rip-off of the James Bond intro. I choose to use it however, as I come from a cinematic family; so think of it what you will.

Before you delve any further into my blog it is important to know that both content and images may be considered shocking. My writing may be confronting and often edgy. I will be sharing everything, and I mean EVERYTHING! It’s not just about day-to-day life, but also about sex, drugs & rock ‘n roll!
On my blog I’ll be talking about everything, no holds barred. Long live the internet I say! No one can tell me what I can say or do. No rules, just fun!

As a child I’ve always enjoyed colouring outside the lines so if you’re curious to find out more and are not of the fainthearted variety I say: welcome to the Pink Rebel playground!
The essence of this blog is about everything beautiful, good and nice and yes, that puts SEX squarely on number 1!!!! We don’t all dare to admit it, but there is nothing better than great sex. Although great food and enjoying art can fill needs just as well and this Rebel is looking forward to sharing her preferences on this too.

Pink Rebel is about love stories too… not just the traditional male-female pattern either. It’s about rebellious fashion items and retro/pornographic art that will cheer up your home. And in the Rebel e-shop you can find unique and vintage items I bring back from strange and exotic places or find in markets. I’ll be sharing everything that inspires me, with you! Feel free to think of it what you will. It’s all up to YOU!
But rest assured, I’ll be sharing everyday questions as well like ‘does your ear ever itch so much that a Q-tip can lift you to orgasmic levels?’ Or talk about exploring the boundaries in your life…. It might be that you’re a workaholic, or perhaps you’re addicted to love, drink, drugs or other passions.

It’s about breaking taboos, daring to say what you stand for! Whatever your title, background or beliefs. This Pink Rebel is 37, trapped in the mind of a child, with the looks of a 28 year old. I don’t want to be a grown-up, it’s much too scary and serious.
Contradictory as it may sound, I’ve achieved a lot in my career. Allow me to throw some juicy titles your way; spokesperson for one of Belgium’s largest TV channels, president of various corporate entities, managerial functions in companies where status is essential. All positions that come with the necessary status and power.

And all bullshit as far as I’m concerned, because we all go to the toilet and we all burp and fart on occasion. So whatever with all those titles. It’s about passion for what you do! So come and play in my garden of life. Carpe Diem!