June 9, 2016

Sexy brains!

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When men spot a woman all dressed up in a leather outfit his brains translates it different. His brain will tell him that she will smell lika a nearly new car, with a smooth leather interior. And I am not joking! This has been proven through

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The ritual begins on a early age, let’s say in high school, in bedrooms, in the cafeteria, in the cinema, on the city streets. We women continue the tradition—while sipping our cocktails at the trendy-topped bars, or sweating in saunas

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July 10, 2015

Pink Roses

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Feel free to smell the pink roses today! And if you need a bit of funky inspiratio, well,…than you are lucky that the Pink Rebel is here to help you out! My tip of the day? Choose someone to practise

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This is an article that guys will hate! Yep, I am not joking….You guys hate articles about women and their insecurities. Am I right? Well, this article is about a part of the female body that you guys have as

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March 24, 2015

Fifty shades?

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After reading the sequal of ‘Fifty shades’ I was more than excited when they announced that they were going to relaese the movie. I was so super ready to enjoy all of the naughty playroom activities on the big screen!

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Need some ‘sexy’ inspiration for the weekend? Well here we go! Play ‘naked twister’ with Mister Loverlover and make sure you both had some wine before playing this riksy game. I am pretty sure that his penis will hit you

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