‘Mommy, how did I get here? Well, I mean, where do I come from?’ As soon as the child hits the ballparc of these kind of questions the motherhood drops down to zero. An explanation about the bees & the flowers

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April 9, 2016

Sex is the answer

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Now you may call me a crazy Pink Rebel but I state that sex is the answer to all your problems! Lately lots of my friends have some struggles in their relationship, the reasons are very different. One of my

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I love the word ‘wholehearted’, it states that you are free of fear, anxiety and feel pure love for all conditions in your life. It says that you can love another person without having any expectations and that the first

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May 20, 2015


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We all start our lives alone as little baby and just when you fall in love with live as a teenager we fall in love with another person. And that’s when it goes wrong, well,…wrong… You know what I mean.

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What is it with falling in love? We love to love in life, but what is the psychological explanation? Does it work like a drug? Or is it real? The thing that I find most irritating of the love addiction

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March 11, 2015

Wild Ladies

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When women misbehave, we like to know about it, right? When they stray, you want to hear when, where, and most importantly how. You men are not really bothered about the actual why, but if they the wild ladies start

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