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Zal Gerda jou rust kunnen brengen? Wanneer je een consultant zoekt die je in de eerste seconde raakt, dan is wicked Gerda jouw vrouw. Ze leert je rouwen om weer op te bouwen. Deze rebelse tante heeft een vurig hart

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September 14, 2014

Burn the Man

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Well, this is one to do before you die! Burning Man is a sensation that we all need to experience. I have not ¬†been there yet, but my god…I would love to go! Check out Rebel TV for the trailer

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May 2, 2014

My first time!

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Well, there is a first time for everything! So also for my first ‘vlog’! You might think WTF? But the blogging world introduced vlogging a while ago and it seems to be HOT in the States. So as a Rebel….I

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